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Other works

Spatial big data analysis

In cooperation with researchers in the Korea Maritime Institute, I am involved in the analysis of the automatic identification system (AIS) for vessels. This work includes handling tens of gigabytes of tabular data with vessel trajectory information and getting insights to extract the common sea routes along the western coast of South Korea.

I'm experienced at the Google Earth Engine to extract and to analyze multi-temporal satellite images for my dissertation project. Thanks to the geospatial developers in the R community, I could assess the exposure to greenness at residential locations with large geospatial datasets. Major tools include Open Source Routing Machine and rosm package.

Geographic visualization

I have been working for researchers across institutions including Yale University, the National Cancer Center of Korea, and the Korea Research Institute for Human Settlement to visualize their research outputs in maps and visual aids. The visualization works encompass temporal visualization, mapping with spatial data curation, and producing insightful deliverables with advanced spatial/spatiotemporal analysis methods.

Interactive mapping example presented at 2020 PDXCarto Symposium

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